Farmers: The Backbone of our Society

In the area surrounding Highway 20, there are thousands of acres of farmland. Some families have farmed their land for more than 200 years, spanning up to seven generations. Access in their corridor needs to be planned and built in a way that respects them rather than accelerating undesirable types of development.

Access to heritage

Many current landowners still farm their land and need safe and efficient access across and along Highway 20. The current plan bisects the farmland, increasing time and difficulty in traversing the corridor for farmers and motorists.

The Garrett Farm was bisected by I-65 years ago. The family has farmed this land since before Decatur was a city and before Alabama was a state. Now, the Garretts’ land is being taken from them against their wishes to put in an ill-conceived access plan.

Serve the whole community

The new bridge design needlessly takes away acres of prime farmland, and the flawed design poorly serves only a small number of farmers and neighbors. A better public involvement and design process would result in a better plan that serves the whole region.

Protect the Farmers