More safety for everyone

Due to increased congestion in the corridor and safety issues caused by high speeds of those traveling west on I-565, vehicle accidents are an issue along Highway 20. Safety and access improvements to reduce congestion clearly need to be made. The current plan will not do what it is meant to do, which is decrease congestion, improve safety and promote economic development. Instead, it has the potential to be even more confusing and dangerous, and to take the most valuable land for development use it for an interchange instead.

The challenges of the corridor

As currently designed, the interchange will be more confusing, less convenient for drivers and will not serve the many neighbors who need to cross busy route 20. Nearby westbound I-565 is also being upgraded to three lanes, creating even faster traffic traveling west into this section of the highway. The widening project for I-565 was not expected to take place so quickly, and the corridor and this plan are not ready for this.

More options for a better plan

Nearby roads are being expanded, and a new Mazda Toyota plant and several supplier factories are being built nearby, which will lead to more traffic in the future. Funds would be better spent on surface roads, widening Highway 20, adding another lane to the one-lane bridge over Highway 31 and other improvements.

Protect Our Neighbors

Looking west, late afternoon, west of Bibb Garret Rd. Most of the congestion issues are west of the proposed interchange, caused by a one lane bridge over Highway 31 and the traffic lights at the end of the river bridge.